How I Curate Content for Social Media

Beth Gramling Sanders
7 min readJan 9, 2021

What is Content Curation?

Content curation is the process of finding and sharing content that is valuable to your readers and followers. We curate content because most small businesses and solopreneurs don’t have a large enough team to create original content on a daily basis.

You may have heard the term curator in the context of a museum. A museum curator may have varying responsibilities depending on the size of the museum, but the curator generally selects the items for display and may be involved in the design of the exhibit. They carefully consider their audience and what kinds of objects will attract interest and create excitement.

Content curation works in much the same way. It is not blindly sharing articles and blog posts, but reading, examining, and selecting content that will solve a problem your audience deals with. To curate content successfully, you must apply the same high standards of grammar, substance, and style to the content you curate as you do to what you create on your own site.

Why Should I Curate Content?

It’s nearly impossible to create enough content to keep a social profile active. That’s why so many marketers curate content from other writers.

When you curate others’ content, it helps you build relationships online and get the attention of influencers who notice when you boost their posts. The more you promote others, the more willing they will be to share your content when the opportunity arises.

Your audience will benefit from different voices and perspectives, as you can share content that covers separate facets of the same concepts. If you’re a food blog, you might share curated content from both a nutritionist and a chef for two very different points of view. You’ll serve your audience well when you curate content from diverse, yet complementary sources.

How Do I Discover New Content?

How do you find the best content? There are a few tools that I use to discover, save, and post content.

This graphic shows you my process. First, I find content with Feedly and Flipboard. I go through both very quickly and save the articles I want to read and/or…