Todoist: Organize Your Life and Work

Beth Gramling Sanders
7 min readSep 11, 2020

My never-ending search for the perfect to-do app is somewhat of a running joke at our house. I’m currently using an app called Todoist, which is the closest I’ve come to perfect in a very long time, so I thought I’d share it here.

I’ve always been a calendar nerd and was a faithful Day-Timer user in its heyday. I took my Day-Timer with me everywhere, which was a little unwieldy as I used a desk-size binder. Last year I ordered a very nice paper organizer, which became a waste of too much money. The product itself more than met my expectations, but paper just isn’t the right fit for me. I had to force myself to use it, and it was too bulky to carry around, so I often found myself without a calendar or a way to add a reminder.

Enter Todoist. My requirements are pretty standard and Todoist fits all of these, some better than others.

  • I need to be able to email to it. When an email becomes a task, I like to forward it to my to-do app and track it there rather than my inbox.
  • It must be available as a mobile app and must sync well. If I can’t add and manage tasks and information on my phone, we’re done. This is critical and the Todoist mobile app is superb.
  • File storage. I use my app for client work as well, so I need to be able to keep the files with the tasks. For example, if one of my tasks is to add a graphic to a website, I need the graphic to be easily findable from the task.
  • Ability to separate tasks I’m waiting for input on. It’s annoying to keep going through tasks and finding things that can’t be acted on until someone else takes action. Todoist does this OK, but it could be better.
  • It must have subtasks. Often a task needs to be broken down into subtasks, or there are steps.

How Todoist Works

You could use the web interface, but I like the app and it’s free, so I downloaded it for Mac and iOS. It’s also available for Android. You can customize the colors, so I’ve chosen the blue I use for my brand.